Soft Strip

Soft-strip is at the heart of what we do. This is the process of removing all non-structural elements inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling works.  Soft Strip works can either be undertaken by General Demolition as a standalone project or as part of a package of overall works for a property.

Newton are able to provide this soft strip service quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely. Anything that is of value or which could be reused in any way will be separated from any waste destined for disposal or recycling. Our team will only use appropriate tools and removal techniques so that no item is damaged and the internal components of your building are in the best condition possible once extracted.

We pride ourselves to deliver with safety in mind, as well as being environmentally conscious. From the start of the project and throughout, we work in conjunction with clients, architects and occupants of the building and ensure close communication with all parties. In order to guarantee your project is completed with minimal disruption to working operations, we can also provide our services outside of normal working hours or as part of a phased programme.

Our team have a robust technical expertise and experience in Soft Strip of buildings working on projects of all values from small complex projects to large extensive projects of high rise properties in the Leisure, Education, Health, Commercial and Retail sectors. Working to client specifications we will provide you with practical solutions for removing services, fabrics, fixtures, fittings, floors and ceilings returning the building to its original shell for redevelopment.

All our operatives undergo yearly Health & Safety training, including Asbestos Awareness. This ensures our clients have the confidence in Newton to carry out work in a safe and professional manner that complies with HSE regulations.